1) Warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the goods and is 2 years.
2) Bridgestone and Lassa brand exterior and interior tires sold by our company are covered by warranty against defects in production, materials and workmanship.
3) In case the tire fails within the warranty period, the period of repair or inspection is added to the warranty period. The repair and inspection period of the goods is up to 20 working days. This period starts from the date of delivery of the goods to the Authorized Dealer of the manufacturer company.
4) In the event of failure of the tires due to production, material, labor errors during the warranty period, repair will be done without charge of labor costs or any other charges under any name where repair is possible.
5) The goods, within the scope of the warranty from the date of delivery of the same failure within two years, more than two repeated or different failures occur more than four to benefit from the goods in case of continuity gain, the maximum period for repair exceeded, repair of the failure is not possible to be determined by a report to be held by our company.
6) In cases arising from the use of the goods contrary to the provisions of the user guide, the goods are outside the scope of warranty.
7) Because of excessive use, the product is out of warranty as the base tooth depth will be worn to the lowest tooth depth, which is the safety level and which is determined by the official institutions, and the tire will have completed its life.
8) In the event of a dispute with the Authorized Dealer of Bridgestone / Lassa, the tire owner should notify our company in writing or by telephone as soon as possible.
9) The consumer may apply to the Ministry of Industry and Trade General Directorate for protection of consumers and competition for any problems that may arise with the warranty certificate.

How does the warranty apply?
1) To start the warranty application, the tyre subject to application must be brought to the authorized Bridgestone/ Lassa dealer with the invoice and warranty certificate.
2) The application subject tire delivered to Bridgestone/ Lassa dealership is rigorously examined by the Bridgestone/ Lassa Technical Committee.
3) The result of the examination is notified to our customer in writing.
4) Fabricated apologies are determined by our dealer to change the tire.
5) The tire detected as a fabricated apology is scrapped by the Technical Committee during the examinations. The tire that is not covered by the warranty is delivered to our dealer for delivery to our customer.

Outside the scope of warranty:
1) Tires damaged by the effects of stones, nails, glass, metal and similar objects.
2) Damages caused by Impact and impact caused by faulty and bad use.
3) Tires damaged due to improper applications and vehicle mechanics.
4) Damage caused by pavement bumps, potholes, low banquets and similar external factors on the road.
5) Internal tire (tube-type) must be installed tires, internal tire installation (tubeless) due to the use of the damages.
6) Damage caused by different brand and structure of the inner tire and column attached to the outer tire.
7) Damage caused by overloading on the vehicle's occupancy limit.
8) Damages caused by the use of tires with air pressure that is not in accordance with the standard.
9) Block wear damage caused by sudden braking at high speeds.
10) Heel breakage and similar damage caused by mounting or disassembly of the tyre on the rim.
11) Superficial fine cracks that may occur by having tires close to electric motors and similar devices with over-pressurized water.
12) Tires with no invoice or warranty are not covered by the Bridgestone / Lassa warranty.